what we do


Glorified Bicycles is not exactly a bike shop. Rather than try to sell as many inexpensive bikes as possible I prefer to build remarkable bicycles one at a time and develop lasting relationships with each and every customer, and the best way I know how to do that is to get the customer involved in every step of the process, from imagining to assembling their very own custom bicycle. It starts with a consultation appointment at the Glorified Bicycles studio in Brooklyn where we will discuss both practical and aesthetic goals as well as component compatibility and accessories, etc. When we have given every last nut and bolt its due attention then it is time to order the parts and wait for them to arrive. A week or so later we will meet again, this time ready to get down to business.

As a customer at Glorified Bicycles you may participate as much or as little as you desire. Get your hands dirty, learn how to use advanced tools, closely inspect every part as it is installed. You can even build your own custom wheel set if you want maximum bragging rights on the next club ride or when you’re stopped at a red light in the bike lane. Here you are not merely purchasing a new bicycle; you are volunteering for a rarefied experience and creating a masterpiece.